Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Icecream

This is something me and the kids have done a few times. I got the idea from a friends blog Raising Memories. I have tried it two different ways and I like the condensed milk version much better. It was thicker, creamier and sweeter. On both occasions though my kids loved it and wanted more. Can't you tell?

This year I did something a little different. I let each child color their own so it was a bit more personal to them. It was a nice addition to the fun.

  • 4 litres or 1 gallon of CLEAN fluffy snow 
  • evaporated milk or condensed milk 
  • vanilla 
  • sugar 
  • food colouring 
  • sprinkles 

  • Collect some fresh, fluffy snow in a 4L or one gallon ice cream pail. Don't pack it down and pour into a large bowl.

  • Add evaporated milk or condensed milk, a couple of tsp. of vanilla, and sugar (If you use condensed milk you may not need the sugar. Ours was too runny and there wasn't enough snow to add more, but I would recommend it.

  •  Add food colouring & sprinkles! This gets rid of the awful yellowish color.

  • We had a lot left over this time so it went into the freezer for the kids to enjoy later.


  1. It made it much thicker and you didn't need to add sugar it made the process much easier.